GoDaddy Microsoft 365 (Email & Domain Bundle): Honest Review

June 6, 2024
13 Minutes
Modified on:
June 5, 2024
Written by:
Swati Bucha
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Are you looking for an email or domain bundle service? Then, you must have visited GoDaddy already. You may already know that the platform’s various tiers include email hosting options. However, many people do not know that the company also offers its rebranded version of Microsoft 365 Business Premium. Yes, GoDaddy's service has a few distinctions that set it apart, but it offers feature parity and several advantages similar to Microsoft's hosted email offerings. 

Let’s talk about GoDaddy 365, its features, pros and cons, and other relevant aspects in detail below.

What is GoDaddy Microsoft 365?

GoDaddy Microsoft 365 is a collaboration between GoDaddy, a leading domain registrar and cloud-powered productivity platform, and Microsoft 365. The collaborative platform offers Microsoft 365 services specifically for small businesses, along with GoDaddy’s domain registration services. This partnership aims to offer an efficient, integrated suite of productivity tools to help businesses manage their communications, data, and operations effectively. 

The GoDaddy hosting Premium Plans includes the Microsoft Office 365 suite and an email hosting service with 50 GB of storage space. The Office 365 suite includes:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint
  • One Note
  • OneDrive

GoDaddy’s Microsoft 365 Online Business Essentials plan currently costs $7.99 per user per month, but the GoDaddy Email Hosting Business Premium plan is more convenient for businesses. 

Pricing Plan

GoDaddy Microsoft 365 offers three major plans: Microsoft 365 Email Essentials, Microsoft 365 Online Business Essentials, and Microsoft 365 Business Professional.

1. Microsoft 365 Email Essentials 

Pricing: $1.99 per user/month 

The plan offers 10 GB of email storage. It offers professional email that uses your domain.

2. Microsoft 365 Online Business Essentials

Pricing: $ 7.99 per user/month

It offers Microsoft 365 Online: Web versions of Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, plus mobile apps, 1 TB secure OneDrive storage, Meet, chat and collaborate with your team, customers, or suppliers with Microsoft Teams, professional Email with 50 GB email storage, etc.

3. Microsoft 365 Business Professional

Pricing: $8.99 per user/month

It offers office apps on 5 devices, web apps, email, and collaborative tools.

What does GoDaddy 365 offer its users?

Here's a breakdown of what GoDaddy Microsoft 365 offers:

1. Email Hosting

The best part about subscribing to GoDaddy Microsoft 365 plans is that you can have professional email hosting using your custom domain (e.g., You can easily purchase your domain through GoDaddy and continue with the setup of Microsoft 365 plans. It comes with enhanced email security and spam filtering.

2. Productivity Tools

You get access to Microsoft 365 applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Web-based versions of these applications are for use on any device with an internet connection. Besides, GoDaddy’s platform allows you to set up all the tools using a one-click setup, and you can easily access them. 

3. Cloud Storage

OneDrive for Business offers cloud storage solutions to store, share, and collaborate on files from anywhere. It also ensures secure file sharing and backup features.

4. Collaboration Tools

In the GoDaddy 354 plans, users get Microsoft Teams for team communication and collaboration, including chat, video meetings, and file sharing. Microsoft Office SharePoint is used to design various intranet sites, including the ones for content and document management.

5. Security Features

It comes with added security measures, such as extensive email protection and threat protection. It also offers secure access features that can be beneficial for all kinds of small business organizations.

6. Support and Integration

GoDaddy offers its customers 24/7 support. Besides, when you register your domain using GoDaddy, you can even use it to host your websites or use a one-page website to collect lead information. 

7. Scalability

Flexible plans that can be scaled as your business grows. This usually happens with the ability to add more users and services as needed.

8. Pricing

Competitive pricing plans to be affordable for small businesses. Various subscription options to fit different business needs and budgets.

Pros of GoDaddy Microsoft 365

GoDaddy 365 offers several benefits to professionals and organizations. The most important ones include: 

1. Integration and Ease of Use

GoDaddy Microsoft 365 integrates with other services to provide a unified experience. The one-click setup and intuitive interface make it easy for users to get started and manage their accounts over time.

2. Professional Email Hosting

This service offers professional email addresses using your custom domain to enhance your business's credibility. It is powered by Microsoft and ensures effective and reliable performance with advanced spam and malware protection.

3. Comprehensive Productivity Suite

Users gain access to popular Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, both online and offline. OneDrive for Business provides sufficient cloud storage for easy file sharing and collaboration.

4. Collaboration Tools

Microsoft Teams enables team communication through chat, video meetings, and file sharing. Meanwhile, SharePoint helps create the most efficient intranet sites and manage content within the organization.

5. Security Features

Advanced security measures, including email encryption and threat protection, safeguard business data. Secure cloud storage ensures data backup and recovery.

6. Customer Support

GoDaddy provides round-the-clock customer support. This helps users resolve issues quickly and effectively.

7. Scalability

Flexible subscription plans can be scaled with business growth. This makes GoDaddy Microsoft 365 suitable for businesses of different sizes.

Cons of GoDaddy Microsoft 365

Despite offering several benefits, GoDaddy has certain limitations. These include: 

1. Cost

GoDaddy's Microsoft 365 plans may be more expensive than those of some other providers, especially for larger teams requiring advanced features. Additional fees may arise for extra features or storage beyond the basic plans.

2. Limited Customization

Some users may find limited customization options compared to managing Microsoft 365 directly through Microsoft, particularly for advanced settings and configurations.

3. Dependency on the GoDaddy Ecosystem

Heavy reliance on GoDaddy’s ecosystem can make switching providers or integrating with non-GoDaddy services challenging.

4. Mixed Support Reviews

While support is available 24/7, some users report varying experiences with the quality and responsiveness of customer service.

5. Advanced Features

Smaller businesses may not be able to access certain advanced features and functionalities available in higher-tier Microsoft 365 plans directly from Microsoft.

6. Migration Issues

Migrating existing email and data to GoDaddy Microsoft 365 can sometimes be complex and may require additional support or incur extra costs.

What Makes a Neo a Better Option?

GoDaddy Microsoft 365 offers an efficient set of tools and services. However, Neo might be a better option for businesses seeking more customization, cost efficiency, interoperability, and enhanced support at affordable rates. It is because of the following key factors: 

1. Greater Control

Neo offers more customization options and flexibility in managing email and productivity tools. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with specific needs that require customized or personalized solutions.

2. Advanced Settings

Neo offers users access to more advanced settings and configurations, which allows for a more personalized experience when using email and domain bundles.

3. Lower Pricing

Neo offers more cost-effective plans, which can be cheaper than GoDaddy Microsoft 365. This proves to be efficient, especially for small—to medium-sized businesses that look for budget-friendly options. It can help businesses save on operational costs while accessing essential productivity tools.

4. No Hidden Fees

Neo often has more transparent pricing structures with fewer additional fees for extra features or storage. Moreover, you can use the trial version for the first 14 days to determine whether you want the services for your business. 

5. Interoperability

Neo allows greater flexibility when integrating with various third-party services and providers. This can be crucial for businesses that rely on multiple platforms and for organizations that wish to avoid being locked into a single ecosystem.

6. Ease of Switching

Businesses using Neo can switch providers more easily without the complications associated with heavy reliance on a single ecosystem like GoDaddy's.

7. Dedicated Support

Neo is known for providing more personalized and dedicated customer support. Users often report better experiences with quicker response times and more effective solutions to their issues.

8. Rich Feature Set

Neo offers several advanced features that may not be available in the basic or mid-tier plans of GoDaddy Microsoft 365. These include enhanced collaboration tools, better integration capabilities, and more sophisticated security options.

9. Innovative Tools

Neo updates its offerings with new and innovative tools that can give businesses a competitive edge, like Smart Write for drafting email messages within minutes or a one-page website builder to launch your own website and improve your online presence. 

10. Ease of Transition

Migrating existing email and data to Neo is often more straightforward and less complex without any costs. The platform may offer dedicated migration support to ensure a better transition without significant disruptions.

Comparison Table

Now that we know the differences between GoDaddy 365 and Neo let us draw a comparison between them in the table below:

Provider Our Rating Our Review Key Features
GoDaddy 365 3.9/5 stars Expensive, limited customization, dependence on the GoDaddy ecosystem Cloud storage, email hosting, productivity tools, advanced security options
Neo 4.8/5 stars Simple and user-friendly interface. Free trial options and custom domain for business emails Works on any operating system, Free domain, and one-page website, Smart Write AI-assistant tool


GoDaddy 365 often represents a value-add for the configuration requirements in terms of email and domain hosting. Moreover, its significant price reduction from Microsoft's offering is definitely attractive. That said, your choice of Business 365 providers will depend on several features. This involves checking whether the offerings of GoDaddy Microsoft 365 align with your business requirements or not. While GoDaddy 365’s ease of setup is attractive, some noticeable limitations do not make it a good option. 

This also calls for another alternative to GoDaddy 365, which is where we recommend using Neo. It is a one-stop platform that offers you the most effective email services with a one-page website. So, why wait? Visit Neo and get access to the most effective email and domain bundle services right now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the GoDaddy domain with Microsoft 365?

Yes, you can use the GoDaddy domain with Microsoft 365. All you need to do is use Domain Connect to verify and set up your respective domain. You must also follow some subsequent steps to verify and set up your GoDaddy 365 domain automatically with Microsoft. Then, select the domain you want to set up in the Microsoft 365 admin center. 

2. What is the relationship between GoDaddy and Microsoft?

There is a strategic agreement between Microsoft and GoDaddy that provides all kinds of small businesses with efficient access to professional email, which is often connected to their domain names, cloud storage, and a specific suite of Microsoft productivity solutions.

3. How many emails can I send with GoDaddy 365?

The number of email messages allowed per folder on GoDaddy 365 is 200,000. Moreover, a single email message may contain only 100 addresses, which may be combined with any of the to, cc, and bcc fields. You can even add multiple emails with Outlook. 

4. How Do I Create Emails in GoDaddy?

Sign in to your GoDaddy Email & Office Dashboard with a unique username and password. Select Set up Accounts if you have an existing Microsoft 365 email address from GoDaddy. Continue to the next step if this is your first GoDaddy email address. Select the domain you want to use for your email and select Continue. Your email address will be ready for use. 

5. Can I migrate my existing emails to GoDaddy Microsoft 365?

Yes, you can migrate your existing emails to GoDaddy Microsoft 365. The platform offers a migration tool that assists you in transferring your email from another provider to GoDaddy 365. The process involves providing details about your current email service and following the steps provided by the migration tool to ensure all your emails, contacts, and calendars are moved to your new GoDaddy Microsoft 365 account. The platform’s support team is available to help with any issues that might arise during the migration process.

6. Can I customize my email settings with GoDaddy Microsoft 365?

You can personalize your email signature, set up rules and filters, and manage your inbox settings. However, GoDaddy's options might be somewhat restrictive for more complex customization needs. Examples include advanced security settings or integrations with other business tools. It's advisable to assess whether the provided customization meets your specific business requirements before committing to the service.

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