HubSpot Landing Page: Pricing, Setup, and Features 

April 26, 2024
13 Minutes
Modified on:
April 26, 2024
Written by:
Swati Bucha
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In the ever-changing digital marketing field, diversified customer interactions, impressive landing pages, and efficient automation techniques can feel like a Herculean task. Modern marketers are in the same boat, as they are forced to get more results with fewer resources and time. Amidst the chaos, finding a solution that will simplify these processes is most important.

Enter HubSpot—a holistic marketing and customer relationship management software designed to lessen the workload on marketers trying to run their businesses independently. Being an industry-top CRM software, HubSpot assists firms in obtaining all the necessary data, increasing sales, growing relationships with clients, and providing a top-notch experience to customers. 

This article is a comprehensive guide that covers pricing factors, setup tips, and feature spotlights. Hence, this guide is extremely useful for marketers aiming for efficiency and effectiveness. Keep reading to learn more about the HubSpot landing page!

Does HubSpot offer a Free Landing Page Builder? 

HubSpot's leading CRM tool allows businesses to monitor their leads, magnify their sales, build email campaigns, and create lasting customer connections. Teams can achieve remarkable efficiency due to the features that suit their needs, such as inbound and outbound lead tracking, sales pipeline management, and email marketing tools

HubSpot is a flexible platform that can be customized to meet the needs of various businesses. It has several pricing options designed for all kinds of businesses. 

Whether B2B or B2C, regardless of your industry, retail, real estate, and marketing, HubSpot is one of the most important assets. Its scalability remains an outstanding attribute as it is fully capable of meeting the requirements of companies of any size, ranging from startups to established businesses. 

HubSpot even offers a free landing page builder with robust and AI-powered features that make building SEO-friendly and lead-converting websites super simple. 

The HubSpot landing page is designed to address the specific problems of growing SMBs, and HubSpot CRM offers a comprehensive solution. HubSpot redefines workflow efficiency, enabling businesses to succeed in the modern world with the necessary tools.

Landing Page Builder: A Part of HubSpot CMS Hub (Content Marketing Software)

Among the platform's primary hubs is HubSpot CMS. It is intended to assist businesses in building and managing a website without requiring much technical or coding expertise. All the functions and features allow you to build your website, add creativity to customize it per your vision, and easily make changes to the deployed website without waiting for the developer to revise it. 

Here are some benefits of utilizing HubSpot CMS: 

  • HubSpot’s CMS Hub is an integrated platform that allows businesses to manage all their content from one place. 
  • The HubSpot’s CMS Hub is integrated with its CRM, through which you can personalize the entire customer experience. Instead of relying on generic content targeted at a broad target audience, you can dynamically tailor the content for individual visitors, making marketing feel more real, human, and valuable. 
  • The hub offers myriad pre-designed templates that users can customize as per their brand requirements and tonality. However, if you want to start from scratch, HubSpot also allows that. 
  • Another interesting feature that HubSpot CMS supports is responsive design, which automatically optimizes content for every mobile, tablet, or desktop device. It ensures your content looks good and is easily readable regardless of the device and screen size. 
  • HubSpot is an all-in-one platform. What’s more important than SEO to rank your website higher in search engine results? HubSpot’s CMS caters to that as well. Its SEO provides all the recommendations, like suggesting tips and tricks for using the right keywords, different ways to improve your search ranking, and updates on your competitors. 
  • The HubSpot CMS Hub also comes with analytics and reports that provide insights into your website's strengths, areas for improvement, and more. It can help you track organic traffic, page performance, potential leads, and more.

List of Features Included in Different Plans of HubSpot’s CMS Hub

HubSpot Plan Plan Features
Free $0/month Landing pages, website builder, basic SEO recommendations, AI blog writer, managed cloud hosting, connect a custom domain
Starter $20/month/user No HubSpot branding on landing pages or websites, additional web pages and blogs, personalized tokens, live chat, and email support, and everything in the free plan
Professional $500/month (3 users included) Content remix, podcasting, dynamic personalization, content management, content optimizing and reporting, brand voice, memberships and gated content, and everything included in the starter plan
Enterprise $1,500/month (5 users included) Multisites deployment, content approvals, permissions and teams, activity logging, custom objects, serverless functions, and everything included in the professional plan.

Understanding HubSpot’s Landing Page Builder 

HubSpot offers a free landing page builder; however, the free versions have limited features, hindering your ability to make the most of the platform. Nonetheless, you can make impactful, organized, personalized landing pages and deploy websites within seconds.

Let’s look at the features HubSpot Landing Page Builder offers: 

  1. A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor: This drag-and-drop editor makes building stunning, professional, and sophisticated landing pages easy. 
  2. Template Library: The builder offers extensive templates to select your desired template and start working. It eliminates the need to create landing pages from scratch. 
  3. Built-in Personalization: This feature helps you tailor the content to meet the personas and needs of each of your segmented target lists. 
  4. AI copywriting and image tool: With the rise of Gen AI, HubSpot offers an AI-powered tool to simplify another aspect of landing page building: content writing. With AI tools, you can create alluring and concise headlines to draw your audience and add images to direct your visitor's attention. 
  5. Robust Analytics: Analytics provides essential insights, like who’s visiting your landing page, overall time spent, and what they do when they visit the landing page. 
  6. Integration with other CRM tools: The landing page can be easily integrated with Salesforce or HubSpot’s CRM tools, simplifying directing leads into your sales pipeline. You can boost sales and improve conversion rates using myriad marketing techniques like email marketing. 
  7. Campaign Assistant: Create a rough draft of your landing page using HubSpot’s Gen AI Campaign Assistant. All you need to do is answer some basic questions about the landing page, like what your campaign is about, what features you want to convey to your customers, your writing style, and what action you want your visitors to take. The first copy of your landing page is created within minutes. You can refine the rough draft and make it a polished one. 

Two types of templates are available in HubSpot: theme templates and custom templates. The templates have drag-and-drop editing features, unique theme modules, and customizable theme styling. 

However, custom templates are built into the design manager using a layout editor or custom code. Drag-and-drop editing features are only available for custom templates with drag-and-stop areas. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Landing Page Using HubSpot

Before you begin working on your HubSpot landing page, here are some things to consider: 

  1. Ensure that you have Write Permission for the type of page you want to create and Publish Permission to publish the pages. 
  2. Ensure the page domain is connected to HubSpot for publishing. If you are using HubSpot’s free tools, your account comes with a HubSpot-branded domain that is ready for publishing. 

Now, here is how you can create a Hubspot landing page:

Step 1. Navigate to Building Landing Pages.

HubSpot offers website and landing page builders, so be sure to navigate to the builder. In your HubSpot account, click on Content, and then click on Landing Pages. Now, click the Create option in the upper right corner to display a dropdown menu. From that, select Website Page or Landing Page. 

A dialog box will open, where you must specify the name and domain of the HubSpot landing page. Click the website dropdown menu option, and a list of domains for the page URL will appear. Your account’s default system domain will be selected if you don't have any connected domains. 

Enter an internal name for the page in the Page Name field, and click the Create Page button. 

Step 2. Template Selection

You will be directed to the website template selection screen, where all the templates from the active theme will be visible. All the usable templates will appear at the top, and the rest of the templates will be shown at the bottom in the Other Templates section. If you haven’t selected any theme as an active theme, hover over it and select it as an active theme. 

Hover over the template, click on Template Preview to glimpse the landing page, and click on Select Template to proceed to the content editor. 

Step 3. Personalize the HubSpot Template.

The editing options available in the content editor depend upon the type of template selected. Modify the content, such as text, title, and images, for a more personalized effect. HubSpot's simple editor is designed to make customization an enjoyable experience; no complexities are required. 

You can explore the rich text or image module and other features. Add all the essential features of a landing page, especially a form to collect lead information

Step 4. Test Your Landing Page for Dynamic Content and User Experience. 


Once you have completed the landing page design and customization, it is time to test it to ensure it is dynamic and can be easily adapted to any device. If something feels off, like your brand logo doesn’t appear beautiful on a smaller screen, you can make the changes and check again. 

Step 5. Run a Test of Your Landing Page. 

Conducting and running a test of your HubSpot landing page assures you that pages look publish-ready before you deploy them. Ensure that every element of your landing page functions seamlessly, like the form, and also look for any typos in the copy. Once you are done with testing, it is time to publish your landing page. 

Step 6. Publish the Landing Page.

HubSpot offers two publishing options: publish your page instantly or schedule it for future publication. Here is how you can do it: 


  1. In your HubSpot account, click on Content and then Landing Pages. 
  2. Hover on the page and click on edit. If you can publish it, click the Publish option at the top right corner. 
  3. Click the dropdown menu next to the Publish button, then choose Publishing options. 
  4. Select the Schedule Publish for Later checkbox in the dialog box, and select the date for publishing your page in the date field. 
  5. Similarly, select the time of going live from the time dropdown menu. 
  6. Click on Schedule or Schedule and continue editing if you feel like some changes need to be made. 

Introducing Neo: An Affordable Yet Effective Option

While searching for HubSpot’s alternatives, Neo is a budget-friendly solution for your marketing needs. It offers affordability without compromising effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking high-value marketing solutions. Here’s how you can create a landing page using Neo:

Step 1: Sign up.

Register on Neo with a few simple details to access website development tools.

Step 2: Get Access to the Site Editor.

To edit your website, navigate to the Neo Admin Panel and choose "Neo Site". Additionally, you can use the Neo Mobile App or Neo Webmail to access the editor.

Step 3: Choose a Theme.

Choose a theme that complements your brand's identity to provide the groundwork for your website's design.

Step 4: Make Your Landing Page Unique.

Add your company name, logo, and description to make your website unique and recognizable.

Step 5: Add Content. 

Upload pictures and descriptions to engage your audience and highlight your goods or services.

Step 6: Integrate Social Media Accounts. 

Link your social media accounts to your website to improve your online presence and give visitors more options to interact with your company.

Step 7: Incorporate Forms. 

Incorporate contact forms and chat functions to facilitate direct client communication via your website.

Step 8: Make Your Website Public.

Once you're happy with your website, click "Publish" to launch your one-page website and enable public access.

Wrapping up,

Simplifying marketing in the digital space, HubSpot has become the icon of productivity with its wide range of tools for handling customer interactions, creating landing pages, and automating. HubSpot's wide range of features and the ability to adjust its pricing make the platform an ideal tool for helping marketers overcome challenges that the dynamic environment poses. 

HubSpot offers an efficient and feature-rich landing page builder to optimize the landing page for your target audience and boost lead generation. However, it might be complex as it contains different aspects besides building a landing page and publishing it. It includes setting the page visibility, customizing page settings, managing different stylesheets, etc. 

Instead, you can choose Neo to build your landing pages. With simple steps for building a landing page, it is easy to make changes after launch. Schedule a demo today and learn how Neo can contribute to your success. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does HubSpot's pricing for landing pages compare to competitors like Neo?

HubSpot's pricing is plan-based and provides scalable options for different levels of needs. Though the initial costs may be higher, this product's feature sets should usually be considered worth the investment, considering they encompass all the necessary components. 

Neo's services may be low-priced, but their features are equally competent. Identifying factors such as scalability and support's nature will help the decision-making process.

2. What setup assistance does HubSpot offer for optimizing landing page performance?

The HubSpot platform has a range of intuitive tools, guides, and individual customer onboarding to help with the setup process. Knowledge bases and support resources guarantee seamless configuration and task fulfillment, resulting in meeting the intended objectives.

3. What distinguishes HubSpot's landing page solution, and how do they benefit marketers?

HubSpot presents a full range of customizable templates, A/B testing, and flawless integration with other systems, allowing marketers to build pages with high conversion rates. Stable analytics offer intelligence to campaign optimization, which is crucial for return on investment.

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