Guerrilla Mail: Signup Process, Alternatives, and Honest Review

June 18, 2024
13 Minutes
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June 18, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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Do you want to use a temporary email address for your anonymous online activities? Guerrilla Mail has a simple sign-up procedure, which makes it unique among disposable email services. Whether you are dealing with spam, need to hide your real identity, or just require a disposable email for a specific period, Guerrilla Mail is what you need.

In this blog, you will learn the process of Guerrilla Mail sign-up, its features, and how it can be used to protect your identity. Furthermore, we will discuss some of the Guerrilla Temp Mail alternatives to help you decide on the right temporary email service to use. Keep reading to discover all the details about using Guerrilla Mail and the top alternatives!

Understanding Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is a frequently used temporary mail service designed to improve the protection of users’ identities and minimize spam messages. This service provides the opportunity to create a new temporary email address within a few minutes, which is great for people who need a new email address for a short time. Whether you are registering for websites, getting verification codes, or combating spam, Guerrilla Mail offers a perfect solution.

Another distinct feature of Guerrilla Mail is the option to create a specific email address. Some of the major benefits include the convenience of generating an email address that best suits their requirements and is easy to memorize. 

Furthermore, Guerrilla Mail lets its users choose the time duration after which the email address is deactivated, ranging from one hour to several days. This flexibility helps the user select the time interval most appropriate for their use.

For those who may require a long-term solution to their email needs, Guerrilla Mail used to provide a paid service, which was later discontinued due to low demand. This premium option allowed for the extension of the lifetime of the email addresses, making it appropriate for users who required disposable email addresses for more than a few days.

In addition, Guerrilla Mail offers users a notification system to avoid missing important messages received in the provided mailbox. Guerrilla Mail is a multilingual, portable, and easy-to-use temporary mail system. Some of the perks of this service include the option to create custom email addresses, set hours/days for auto-deletion, and premium services, making this tool very helpful for people who want to minimize spam and maintain their privacy online.

Guerrilla Mail Sign-Up Process

Creating an account with Guerrilla Mail is relatively simple, as it provides its customers with a fast and convenient method of creating fake email addresses. 

Here’s a breakdown of the simple guerrilla mail sign-up process:

Step 1. Visit the Website

Users can start by visiting the Guerrilla Mail website, which can be accessed from any web browser.

Step 2. Instant Email Address

Upon entering the site, users receive an automated email address immediately without any registration.

Step 3. Anonymity and Privacy

Guerrilla Mail provides users with a temporary unique email address to protect their identity online.

Step 4. Customization Option

For users who wish to have a more unique approach, Guerrilla Mail offers domain selection, allowing users to choose the domain that meets their expectations. 

Step 5. Immediate Access

One of the most significant features is that it does not require registration; after opening the website, a user gets a temporary mailbox and can start receiving messages immediately. Using the “compose” option you can easily start sending emails!

Step 6. Streamlined Interface

Guerrilla Mail has a very simple and intuitive layout, perfect for users to manage their temporary mailbox and all messages easily. All the tools are mentioned clearly allowing users to navigate the website easily!

Step 7. Convenient for Various Needs

Guerrilla Mail is an effective tool for those who need a temporary email for registrations, verification, or to avoid spam.

12 Best Alternatives for Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is perhaps the most popular and widely used disposable email service out there. Still, there are a number of similar services which provide additional options. These options will assist you if you require a greater level of anonymity if you require your messages to be available for a more extended period, or if you desire special features. Below is a list of the 12 best alternatives to Guerrilla Temp Mail:

1. Neo

Neo is suitable for business email, especially temporary ones with custom domains. You can have one address to match the domain of your business (for example, It also has a relatively affordable monthly payment option, whereby the customer is free to terminate the payment at any time after they have received the services. However, if you have the domain name already in place, there’s an offer to take the first month free, so Neo is the one to start with.


  • Fully customizable email addresses
  • Flexible monthly subscription
  • Free first month with your own domain
  • Professional tools: dark mode, read receipts, templates
  • Reliable customer support and efficiency

2. Temp Mail

Temp Mail can be described as a service that allows the creation of disposable email addresses within a very short amount of time. However, the single biggest benefit of using this website is that you can create an email address without having to register for the service. It has functionalities such as receiving an email with an attachment, and it looks very organized. Similar to any other temporary email service, the self-deleting feature will add an extra layer of protection for its users, unlike Guerrilla Mail.


  • Make disposable email addresses in a short span of time
  • No sign-up required
  • Receive emails with attachments
  • Clear and user-friendly layout
  • Disappearing message option to ensure the messages are only visible for a short time for privacy and protection.

3. 10-Minute Mail

10-Minute Mail is an online service that provides automatic temporary email addresses that will be invalid in 10 minutes. This service is particularly useful for those users who require a new temporary email address for a short time. As it is easy to use and fast, 10-Minute Mail can be used in any short-terminology verification or sign-up process.


  • Generates temporary email addresses
  • It is made clear that the emails become invalid once the time elapses for 10 minutes.
  • Ideal for short-term use
  • Useful and time-saving
  • Ideal for instant identification checks and registration.

4. Mailinator

Mailinator allows users to send messages to random public domain emails for a certain period of time. All emails sent to it within the domain are stored on Mailinator, which makes it unsuitable for handling sensitive data but adequate for occasional tests and one-shoot messages. He also has a paid version for people who want their communications to be more personalized.


  • Generate random public email boxes
  • Messages stored in the domain
  • Perfect for occasional use or when you need to do a very basic test.
  • It is not suitable for information that might be sensitive to students.
  • There is a paid version where the user can have targeted communication.

5. ProtonMail

If you are interested in the privacy and security of your emails, then you have no better option than using ProtonMail. Although this cannot be strictly classified as a disposable email service, it is worth mentioning that ProtonMail has end-to-end encryption and lets users create disposable email addresses. This is particularly desirable for those who need a secure and green way of emailing. Paid versions allow users to create custom domain disposable email addresses!


  • Add more secure encryption in order to make the overall end-to-end service more secure.
  • Create anonymous email accounts
  • Ideal for privacy-conscious individuals
  • Ensures that the specific use of the email is correct and safe.

6. YOPmail

YOPmail is a service that provides working temporary addresses for use for a week with the addresses expiring after eight days. There is no need for registration, and at the end of the email address, one can enter any name they want. Also, it has browser add-ons that can be installed to improve the ease of use of YOPmail in the browser.


  • Active temporary addresses total to 8 days.
  • No registration required
  • Make up an email address using any of the names you have in mind.
  • Some of them are available as plugins and browser extensions
  • Most of them are responsive to mobile devices, and implementing them is not very difficult if you are not a complete newbie.

7. Maildrop

Maildrop is a no-registration-required disposable email service that provides the user with the option to get a simple disposable email address for a few hours. Maildrop is safe and does not require the input of any of your personal information, which makes it advantageous, especially if you are in a situation where you have to keep your identity a secret.


  • No-registration-required disposable email service
  • Provides easy-to-use email addresses
  • These emails are only available for a few hours.
  • Safe and very little private information is needed
  • Ideal for maintaining anonymity

8. TrashMail

TrashMail is an email service through which users can generate fake email addresses that receive and forward messages to the genuine inbox. Users can specify the time limit and number of email forwards, allowing them to manage the temporary email. This forwarding feature makes TrashMail easy to use and quite useful.


  • It's the ability to create fake email addresses in a very short time.
  • Forward valid messages to the real inbox
  • Set a time limit or number of times that the forwarded message or status can be viewed.
  • Manage temporary emails effectively
  • Easy-to-use forwarding feature

9. FakeMail

FakeMail is easy to use and has a clear-cut layout, providing a free temporary email address. It allows users to create a personal email address and receive messages without creating an account. Another advantage of FakeMail is its straightforward interface, making it appropriate for occasional use.


  • Offers free disposable email addresses for a certain period.
  • No account creation is required
  • Clear-cut and user-friendly layout
  • Receive messages easily
  • Ideal for occasional use

10. Getnada

Getnada allows users to generate disposable email addresses that are ready to use immediately. The service is straightforward, allowing users to choose from a number of domains and offering a simple layout. Based on these factors, Getnada can be another viable replacement for Guerrilla Mail, as it supports attachments and appears to be user-friendly.


  • Provides temporary email addresses on the fly
  • Offers various domain options
  • Simple and user-friendly layout
  • Supports attachments

11. AnonEmail

AnonEmail allows users to send emails while concealing the sender’s identity. It enables users to type in the recipient’s email address, the subject, and the message that is sent anonymously without the sender’s information being included. AnonEmail is convenient for those who want to avoid disclosing their identities while writing emails.


  • Send emails anonymously
  • Without any registration information or other personal details
  • Easy to use for fast and anonymous messaging

12. Burner Mail

Burner Mail is a disposable mailbox service with an emphasis on privacy. It has features like multiple burner addresses that forward emails to the actual mailbox, preventing spam mail from reaching the original inbox. Its web browser compatibility and focus on privacy make Burner Mail a dependable option.


  • Has privacy features with numerous burner addresses.
  • The emails go directly to a real mailbox
  • Sends original inbox free of spam
  • Compatible with web browsers
Service Subscription Custom Domain Email Lifetime API Support User Interface Rating (Out of 5)
Guerrilla Mail Free No 1 hour Yes User-friendly 4.5
Neo Monthly Yes Unlimited No Professional 5
Temp Mail Free No Temporary No Clear and simple 4.5
10 Minute Mail Free No 10 minutes No Easy and fast 4
Mailinator Free/Paid Paid Varies Yes Basic 4.2
ProtonMail Free/Paid Yes Unlimited Yes User-friendly 4
YOPmail Free No 8 days No Browser integration 4
Maildrop Free No Few hours No Easy to use 4
TrashMail Free No User-defined No User-friendly 4.5
FakeMail Free No Temporary No Simple layout 4
Getnada Free No Temporary No Simple and user-friendly 4
AnonEmail Free No Unlimited No Fast and anonymous 4.5
Burner Mail Free/Paid Yes Unlimited Yes Privacy-focused 4


Guerrilla Mail is a useful and easy tool for those who need temporary email addresses. Its simplicity and effective functions make it a convenient means of ensuring confidentiality on the Internet and dealing with spam. On the other hand, Neo has adequate provisions for business emails, such as temporary mobile access with email addresses that reflect the domain name. It has a monthly subscription model that is cancellable anytime, and the first month is free if you have the domain already. Try Neo for your email needs and experience the difference in your online interactions!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Guerrilla Mail compare to Neo in terms of security features?

While both Guerrilla Mail and Neo offer security features, Neo provides additional options such as two-factor authentication and enhanced anti-spam tools. Neo's ability to shield user identity and prevent unauthorized access to email accounts makes it a reliable security solution for both individual users and businesses.

2. Is Guerrilla Mail suitable for long-term email services?

Guerrilla Mail is limited to short-term use, with the email's lifetime usually lasting only an hour. On the other hand, options like ProtonMail or Burner Mail extend the lifetime of emails and offer better security features compared to traditional email services.

3. Is it possible to share messages with other applications, or is there an integration with Guerrilla Mail or other services?

Guerrilla Mail has an API for enhanced user interface integration. However, other similar services, such as Mailinator, also provide API features but are designed primarily for simple testing and one-time use within complex systems.

4. What options does the user have in Guerrilla Mail alternatives in terms of customization?

While Guerrilla Mail offers some customization opportunities, it is limited compared to alternatives like Neo. Neo provides business email addresses with features like domain matching catering to individuals, small businesses, and corporate entities.

5. Is there any alternative to Guerrilla Mail that has additional functionality like support for multiple domains?

Unlike Guerrilla Mail, which does not allow users to set up custom domains, Neo enables users to arrange temporary email addresses similar to business domains. This is helpful for professional branding and identity, especially where multiple channels of communication are involved.

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