Which are The Top 20 Hosts for Webmail in 2024

May 17, 2024
13 Minutes
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May 17, 2024
Written by:
Swati Bucha
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Webmail providers are key players in our digital lives, providing communication solutions personalized to our needs. These platforms are working on effective security measures, including end-to-end encryption, antispam and antivirus protocols, and user-friendly interfaces, to improve our online experience. 

This article will introduce you to the top 20 web-based email providers, describing their features and advantages so that you can select the one that best meets your email requirements. Keep reading to learn more!

Which are The Top 20  Hosts for Webmail in 2024

With so many available options, finding the best web email provider can be difficult. But not anymore! Here are the top 20 webmail providers for your reference: 

1. Neo

Neo is one of the best host for webmail. It specializes in serving freelancers, solopreneurs, and small businesses and helps establish connections with vendors, customers, and partners. It is a business email platform that allows small businesses to register their custom domain with Neo’s free domain extension (.co.site) and set up an Admin account. 

It offers three business plans, all of which are extremely affordable. Given the features associated with each plan, the prices are justified. Neo offers an AI-powered tool, Smart Write, which can help to draft an email message within minutes. Besides, it offers myriad tools, like generous email storage (up to 100GB), creation of email aliases, read receipts, Neo Bookings (appointment scheduler), signature designer, email campaign mode, bulk sending, and much more. 

It even offers the development and launch of a one-page website, and you don’t have to pay for website hosting. This feature is complementary in all the business email plans. 

2. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail can be named among the best host for webmail, as it is appreciated for its wide range of features and smooth user interface. Its sleek interface and customizable design make email management easy for both traditional email users and those who are looking for integrated solutions. 

Due to its seamless integration with Zoho’s suite of apps and various third-party applications, Zoho Mail can improve productivity and facilitate connectivity. Whether it is an old-fashioned email or the latest integration you want, Zoho Mail will provide you with a superior web email experience that caters to different users.

3. Mailfence

One of the best host for webmail - Mailfence, was established in Belgium to provide the best possible security and privacy. It utilizes widely used encryption technologies, such as OpenPGP, so users are in total control of their encryption keys. 

Unlike many of its competitors, Mailfence is steadfastly opposed to mass surveillance and in favor of user confidentiality. It even declines to employ cloud services supplied by outside parties.

Mailfence offers various other features, including encrypted calendaring and document storage. Another aspect that benefits users is the ease with which keys can be imported and exported. By strictly adhering to European data protection regulations, Mailfence guards against unauthorized access to private and business correspondence.

4. Tutanota or Tuta

Tuta, which is the short version of Tutanota, is a well-known web-based email hostingprovider recognized for its fantastic features and unwavering privacy commitment. With its end-to-end encryption and personalized email contacts, Tutanota has become one of the best players in providing secure email services in a very competitive market. 

Due to its transparency in workflow and top-notch customer service, the company gained a good reputation. Tuta has incomparable privacy measures; it operates on temporary data, and there remains no trace in its system, making it suitable for creating anonymous email accounts

5. Hushmail

While many are competing for the top position in the web email hosting service provider, Hushmail has emerged as the strongest in terms of robust security measures. The platform uses end-to-end encryption and guarantees message delivery directly to main inboxes to create secure communication channels. 

Its user-friendly interface is accessible to users of all technical levels, giving priority to simplicity of navigation. Most notably, Hushmail's completely new feature is the "question" feature, which guarantees the transmission of confidential information with more layers of security. 

Also, it provides personalized domains and pre-designed forms specifically crafted for business use, thereby consolidating its role as an all-inclusive and secure email system.

6. ProtonMail

Protonmail, a Swiss web email provider, is at the forefront of secure email services. It is highly regarded for its zero-access end-to-end encryption and unparalleled privacy. Therefore, each message sent remains accessible to only the intended recipient. 

This platform provides a highly secure environment by using end-to-end encryption implemented directly on the sender's device; even Protonmail can't access encrypted data. The users have absolute control over the encryption keys, which strengthens the trust in this web email provider's commitment to user privacy and security.

7. Kolab Now

Kolab Now is focused on teamwork among employees. In the spotlight for its client-focused approach, it is one of the best Swiss webmail providers as it gives customized solutions in line with the specific requirements of its clients. 

Kolab Now is unique in its emphasis on teamwork and dedication to protecting customer data. By offering only paid subscriptions, Kolab Now ensures that its privacy standards are kept very high and that only dedicated customers maintain their privacy and security.

8. Gmail

Gmail is a web email platform providing free email services to more than one billion users worldwide. The Gmail data plan of 15 GB ensures that the users have enough storage for their needs. 

Its platform offers a complete set of features, including advanced anti-spam and phishing protection. It is well integrated with Google's productivity services, such as Chat, Meet, and Docs. Gmail is compatible with most popular email clients, such as Apple Mail, Outlook, and Thunderbird. 

9. Posteo

Posteo is a German secure web email provider that cares about environmental consciousness and user privacy. It is not only ad-free and independent but has also invested heavily in implementing robust data security measures, making it very private. Encryption is the means through which end-to-end communication and server data are secured. Through reliance on renewable energy sources, Posteo shows its concern about sustainability and reliable communication. 

10. Yahoo

Yahoo Mail, despite fierce competition, is distinguished by its refined and professional service. With a storage space of 1 TB, Yahoo's web-based email service helps manage emails by sorting and grouping them automatically. Instant attachment views and personalized notifications make using the service more exciting, and it provides users with the possibility of integrating with Gmail. 

Unlike Outlook or Gmail, which allow for more customization, Yahoo Mail only provides layout tweaks that allow for inbox appearance customization. Other features include previewing messages and separate tabs for streamlined browsing and comparisons.

11. ConstantContact

Constant Contact, another prominent web-based email platform, is equipped with user-friendly email marketing tools to enable revenue generation and business expansion and has the best customer support to resolve all queries quickly and easily. Whether you are a startup or a seasoned entrepreneur, Constant Contact has a variety of resources, such as email marketing and social media integration tools. It even offers AI-powered automation, which is the key to the success of many marketers. 

12. Thexyz

Thexyz, a Canadian web email provider, is known for its security and user privacy features. It offers features like automatic backups, two-factor authentication, and end-to-end encryption, guaranteeing data protection at the highest level. 

The platform is not limited to email but also offers team support and domain integration. Even though there is no free version, its plans are designed to meet different needs and are very flexible. For those interested in security and simplicity, Thexyz is a strong contender in the web email provider industry.

13. CounterMail

With state-of-the-art support of OpenPGP service and end-to-end encryption, CounterMail provides the most secure data storage environment protected against hacking. In addition, it enhances security by shielding against SSL MITM attacks. CounterMail is a well-known name among global providers of email platforms. It stands out for its unwavering dedication to the privacy and security of user information.

14. AWeber

AWeber is a brand that can be relied on when it comes to web email services, as it provides easy-to-use email marketing software crafted specifically for small businesses. Through its goal to simplify tasks for 90% of small businesses, AWeber makes it easier for entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. The company is the first to create innovative web email marketing tools that allow its clients to expand their brands and connect with the target market effectively. It offers AI writing assistants, drag-and-drop builders, and other fully-featured email marketing tools that are designed to help businesses prosper.

15. Campaigner

Campaigner, formerly known as Contactology, is a web email service provider that has gained its reputation as a leading email marketing service provider. With its automation features, Campaigner allows personalized messaging based on users' actions, increasing customer engagement. 

Its library contains 900+ responsive email templates, which makes the workflow process easier for quick campaign creation. Campaigner guarantees hassle-free email delivery, and the recipient mailbox is opened instantly. 

16. Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is a powerful web app that offers 15GB of inbox and 5 GB of additional OneDrive cloud storage. Accessible on web and mobile platforms, it also offers web versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Although Outlook's interface may seem cluttered compared to Gmail, it still has a familiar look, similar to desktop Outlook and other web email clients. 

Folders, organizational tools, and preview panels are all designed to make navigation simple. On the Outlook platform, the Focused Inbox feature sorts through essential emails, while the calendar is designed to sync with your events, helping you with your tasks with ease.

17. Net Atlantic

Net Atlantic, one of the leading web email marketing companies, has done a great job of changing the way email marketing is done by providing its customers with a variety of features. Analytics reports, campaign intelligence, and data services are among the many add-on services that it offers to meet various needs. 

What makes Net Atlantic unique is its incredible customer service level that responds immediately to phone calls and emails. It offers strategic consultations, provides authentic feedback, and ensures timely delivery. For companies of all sizes, Net Atlantic's professional expertise helps to yield successful email marketing campaigns.

18. SendLoop

SendLoop was founded in 2008 and has been recognized as one of the top webmail providers ever since. The email marketing solution provided by SendLoop is a good example of simplicity for small businesses. With a clientele of over 36,000 customers from more than 100 countries, SendLoop claims 24 years of field experience collectively and values personalized customer care. 

SendLoop's professionals design newsletters and execute campaigns so that users can achieve their business goals through efficient and cost-effective email marketing solutions. The key services for small businesses are an easy-to-use, no-code, drag-and-drop visual email builder, advanced content personalization, and many other tools.

19. Runbox

Runbox, a secure web email service from Norway, strives to achieve the highest level of security and sustainability. Runobx's encryption capabilities are very strong, which means that the privacy of the information and correspondence is guaranteed. Also, Runbox provides domain name registration, hosting, and email services for those concerned about privacy and environmental issues. 

20. Marigold Engage By Sailthru

Marigold Engage by Sailthru is a web email service provider that offers advanced email marketing solutions. In the context of engagement and personalization, it is a useful tool that allows companies to build targeted campaigns, automate workflows, and analyze performance metrics. 

Neo’s Ratings and Review

Provider Rating Review
Neo 4.8/5 Neo is a perfect option for small businesses and solopreneurs. It is easy to get a custom domain for email and set up the account. The prices are affordable as well.
Zoho Mail 4.5/5 Zoho Mail is one of the best service providers; however, it has a lengthy signup process.
Mailfence 4/5 Mailfence offers a comprehensive range of features, including document storage, calendars, contacts, groups, and messaging. It also employs digital signatures and the industry-standard OpenPGP encryption.
Tuta 3.8/5 For Linux, Mac OS, and Windows, Tuta offers a desktop client. It provides access to all of the webmail app's functions, including the calendar and contacts that are secured.
Hushmail 4.8/5 It is a secure email provider that offers HIPAA-compliant emails.
ProtonMail 4.3/5 ProtonMail is one of the best email service providers when it comes to security and privacy.
Kolab Now 4.3/5 Kolab Now is a good, secure email tool with an intuitive interface and broad features. It offers end-to-end encryption.
Gmail 4.7/5 The platform is best for creating personal email account IDs. It offers a user-friendly design.
Posteo 3.8/5 Focuses on privacy and security, but it doesn’t offer any free tier
Yahoo 4.0/5 Offers generous storage space, but there are ads in the free version
ConstantContact 3.9/5 Excellent platform for email marketing with customizable templates but limited A/B testing capabilities
Thexyz 3.8/5 Supports an affordable pricing structure with an excellent customer; however, it doesn’t offer a free plan.
CounterMail 3.9/5 High-level of security, but its interface is quite outdated
AWeber 3.8/5 Supports strong email marketing tools, but its pricing structure is higher as compared to others.
Campaigner 3.7/5 It offers powerful analytics and reporting tools, but it has a steeper learning curve.
Microsoft Outlook 4.8/5 This is a highly used platform nowadays for personal email ID creation. Reliable and easy to use.
Net Atlantic 3.7/5 Focuses strongly on deliverability and customer support, but it has a complex interface.
SendLoop 3.4/5 Offers comprehensive features, but limited reporting tools
Runbox 4.0/5 There are no advertisements or tracking, and it provides custom domains and aliases, but it has limited integrations with third-party applications.
Mairgold Engage by Sailthru 3.5/5 Advanced analytics tools, but it has a higher pricing structure


When comparing the top 20 webmail providers based on their features, security, and reliability, it is recognized that each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Factors such as simplicity of use, safety measures, customer support, and pricing determine your best option.

Consider all your requirements and expectations before you start the decision-making process. Whether you need Neo’s seamless integration, Protonmail's unbeatable privacy, or AWeber's help for startups, you should note down your needs and find a perfect web mail service provider. If you have your requirements figured out, you can easily find your web email platform without many problems. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I upgrade or downgrade my email plan to another plan offered by the same provider?

Although providers' policies vary, most will let you move to a new email plan if your needs change. However, it is important to read the provider's terms and conditions before the switch to know of any restrictions or fees involved in the plans.

2. Is there a maximum number of email aliases that I am allowed to create?

The number of email aliases you can have depends on the provider and the plan you choose. Some providers let you have as many aliases as you want, while others may have restrictions depending on your subscription tier. Always ask your preferred service provider about their email alias policy to understand their exact policy regarding email aliases.

3. How do I migrate my emails and contacts to a new email provider?

Many email services provide migration tools or step-by-step instructions that make transferring emails, contacts, and other data easy with minimal effort. These tools can be of different levels of complexity and effectiveness, so it is better to consult the support resources of your new provider or call their customer service for assistance that suits your needs.

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