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May 21, 2024
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May 21, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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Choosing the best email service provider is essential for online marketing in today's fast-paced digital world. Small businesses have no shortage of possibilities to explore. Among them is Yahoo Small Business, which is now called Turbify.

Using a business email address offers your company an advantage when corresponding with clients and partners while helping you establish a brand. Turbify business email helps you make your company more memorable and professional with a personalized email account for your business. 

With this blog, you will understand how Turbify can help you scale your business and set you apart from your competitors by helping you establish your brand voice. 

Exploring Turbify (Previously Known as Yahoo! Small Business)

It is essential to have the right tools when starting a small business to succeed. Turbify Yahoo mail offers these tools to help you get ready, whether you're setting up emails, domains, marketing plans, or web pages for your distinctive company. It enables business owners to grow their enterprises and showcase their innovative ideas online. 

Selecting any of the three plans will make setting up your business email simple and easy. These plans include limitless site pages, built-in SEO, free domain registration, and 24/7 assistance. Turbify email can take care of all the important details for you so you can focus on scaling your business. 

Turbify Business Email Features

Turbify email for business is offered with the following features:

1. Customized email address

As the administrator, you can easily add new mailboxes or aliases, move mailboxes, and reset passwords. The system also includes calendars, rich contact displays, analytics, and document handling.

2. Free domain name

Your Turbify email includes a special bonus. By purchasing any plans, you can create a unique domain for your company and set up email addresses, such as support@yourbusiness.com.

3. 1TB storage

With your clients growing rapidly, the more digital storage space you have, the better. With 1TB of free space, which is about 1000 GB, you won't ever have to be concerned about email deletions. 

4. Mobile friendly

Access your email using the highly-rated Turbify Yahoo Mail App. Its mobile-friendly feature allows greater convenience without compromising on the ease of the interface.

5. Secure mailbox

Turbify business email keeps your data safe by utilizing the latest security technologies. SSL encryption also ensures that your payment channels are safe. 

6. No more spam

Turbify email can block over 15 billion spam messages per day. Its no-spam technology constantly evolves to prevent unwanted emails containing malicious attachments and spam.

7. Marketing

You will have various intelligent, in-built marketing tools with any Turbo email plan. 

How to Set up Your Business Email Account?

To start, create your unique Turbify business email address before accessing your Email Control Panel.

  1. Log in to your Email Control Panel.
  2. Click the Add button after entering an optional display name and email address in the corresponding fields.


  1. Click the login URL.


  1. Click Sign in after entering the Username and Temporary Password.


  1. After entering and verifying your new password, press the Continue button. Your new inbox will then be displayed.


After creating your email address, you can now access and set your business email profile:

  1. Open your business email account and log in.
  2. Tap your name in the upper-right corner. You might get a prompt to log in once again. To log in from your mobile devices, visit this website instead.


  1. Press the Manage Accounts button.


  1. Select the "Account info" link.


  1. Fill out the prompted details.


  1. To confirm that you have read and agree to the terms of service and privacy policy, click the checkbox.


  1. Press the "Save" button. 

With that, you have successfully created your business profile and can now access any time. 

Pricing and Plans

Following is the list of plans for business email offered by Turbify email.

Plan Duration Users Features
1 Mailbox $3.19 1 month Personalized mailbox, 1 TB of email storage, mobile-friendly webmail, calendar, contacts, and tasks, works with your preferred email app, and 24/7 customer support
5 Mailboxes $1.59 1 month 1.5% transaction fees, work with your preferred email app, and 24/7 customer support
10 mailboxes $1.19 1 month 1% transaction fee, 1 TB of email storage per mailbox, and inventory and accounting management integration
20+ Mailboxes custom custom Ideal for larger businesses, 0.75% transaction fees, and host 3rd party API


Working with Turbify email or Yahoo Small Business has several benefits for local businesses. 

1. Secure email servers 

A secure email service provider must ensure all your conversations remain encrypted and cannot be accessed by any third-party providers. Turbify’s email servers are secure and trusted by many businesses. 

2. Mobile-friendliness

Turbify email is associated with creating websites with a responsive user interface (UI) that is incredibly mobile-friendly. This is a huge benefit because, according to recent studies, mobile devices account for nearly 50% of all internet traffic

3. Web hosting solutions

Turbify offers more than email hosting; It also offers web hosting, one of the most comprehensive and popular hosting options. In addition to many other essential features, the team offers SSL certificates, DNS management, domain redirects, auto-renewal, email addresses, and much more.

4. Competitive Pricing 

Yahoo Small Business provides reasonable prices for small businesses looking to expand online. Its bigger pricing plans are available at cost-effective rates, making it suitable for small businesses to access better features and functionalities at low rates.  


Despite its numerous benefits, there are some drawbacks to Turbify or Yahoo Small Business. 

1. Poor customer service

One of the main challenges to working with Yahoo Small Business's customer support team is its limitations. Several existing customers have expressed disappointment with the company's turnaround and response times. 

2. No free trial

The company does not offer free trials or freemium options, so local businesses can test the features and team support before verifying and paying for the purchase. 

3. Fewer integrations

Regarding a one-page website, numerous local companies use tools to handle client information, take payments, and conduct online sales. However, Turbify Yahoo Email only offers a small number of integrations, so it might not be able to meet the needs of all companies.

Turbify Alternatives

We compared various Turbify email alternatives to help you find the best for your business email service.

Alternatives Rating Pricing Free trial Features
Neo 4.9 Starting at $1.99 for a single mailbox with 10 GB of storage A free trial is available Multiple Neo account support, add Gmail account, catch-all account, email aliases, email filters, conditional forwarding of emails, vacation responder, shareable calendar, one-click import of existing emails & contacts
Mailchimp 4.6 Starting at $6.00 A free pack is available Pre-designed email templates, segmentation, analytics and reporting, and automations

4.8 Staring at $17
per month (does not include set up fee)
A free trial is available Email automation, segmentation, pre-made templates for commerce and flexible styling, personalization, campaign measurement and analytics, and scheduled emails

Note: We have created the list of top alternatives for Turbify Business Email by considering different factors that a business keeps in mind when choosing a business email provider like user interface, set of marketing tools, ease of email management, pricing, and all the other ways the platforms provider. 

Introducing Neo: Your Business Email Provider 

Email is more than a tool; it's an important pillar of small and expanding businesses' digital marketing strategy. Neo was designed to support the primary functions that modern businesses rely on email for collaborating and communicating with partners and customers.

Neo is built on a solid email service platform that guarantees 100% delivery of your messages to their intended recipients. Its features supplement that base to assist you in connecting, marketing, and scheduling time with your customers and prospects.

  • Read Receipts: Neo's Read Receipts allows you to see when someone opens your emails. This useful feature helps you plan your next move by eliminating unknowns while you wait for a response.
  • Priority Inbox: Organize your most important emails automatically into a different tab so you can respond to them immediately.
  • Turbo Search: Neo's advanced search features provide 10 times faster search results.
  • Blazing fast apps: Experience a seamless connection that is always available with Webmail and apps that are optimized for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Multiple-account Support: You can easily manage several accounts with Neo in one location, saving you the trouble of switching between inboxes.
  • Calendar: The integrated calendar in Neo has been designed to make scheduling simpler. To stay ahead of deadlines, view your calendar by day, week, or month and share it with your teammates.
  • Rich Formatting Options: Neo's extensive formatting options make it easy to create professional and attractive emails.
  • Signature Designer: Neo lets you design unique signatures that capture the core of your company's identity.
  • Email Templates: Neo comes with preloaded email templates, saving you time and effort.
  • Advanced Security Measures: Neo protects your accounts from potential threats by utilizing innovative security measures like advanced anti-spam, advanced anti-virus, and two-factor authentication.


Creating a professional business email address is essential to establishing credibility, maintaining brand consistency, and improving your internet visibility. By choosing Turbify business email services, you can create a reliable channel of communication that represents your company's authenticity and competence.

Local businesses may easily and affordably create email marketing in just a short period with Yahoo Small Business solutions. So, now that you know the importance of creating your business email address, create your domain ID and start scaling your business now! 

Besides, you can experiment with a platform that offers better features, functionalities, and services than Turbify, like Neo. Schedule a demo today and check out how Neo simplifies email management and marketing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. What is Turbify?

Turbify is a company that offers products and services to people and companies that want to build an online presence. You can find everything you need to expand and grow online, including domain registration, email hosting, web hosting, WordPress hosting, and more.

Q.2. Can you move your existing domain to Turbify?

Yes! Your domain can be moved to the Turbify email. Ensure that you have the authorization code and that your domain is prepared for transfer.

Q.3. How is the security of your website and data guaranteed by Turbify?

For your sensitive data to be protected, security is essential. Turbify uses two-factor authentication, SSL certificates, and strong password policies when possible. Besides protecting the customers' data and online presence, Turbify also has several back-end security measures.

Q.4. Is a free personal email account inferior to Turbify business mail?

Since it is linked to your domain name, your Turbify business mail account improves your branding and presents your company as more established. A Turbify business mail account offers much stronger security to protect your email data, and your email is less likely to be viewed as spam.

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