Best Wix Alternatives for Small Businesses

June 28, 2024
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June 28, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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Are you looking for the best website builders on the market? Then you may come across Wix. This eCommerce platform has impressed users with its business email, a diverse range of features for website development, order and product management tools, automation options, and security. 

However, Wix may not be for all types of businesses, and small businesses may find Wix’s feature-heavy editor a little overwhelming. Meanwhile, a steep increase in Wix’s price plans can put off those limited by a tight budget. Hence, it is important to look for Wix alternatives to help you scale your small business. 

Are you, too, looking for the right Wix competitors? In this guide, we will discuss the alternatives to this popular eCommerce platform that might be exactly what you need to thrive online as a business. Continue reading to learn more about the best Wix alternatives!

What is Wix?

Wix is a no-code eCommerce website builder equipped with a suite of tools to help you customize your online shop and create comprehensive blogs. Furthermore, the platform offers several advanced features to enhance online business, including AI-based tools for website designing (Wix ADI), landing page creation, inventory management, and a free plan to build your website builder. Additionally, Wix offers custom domain integration, in-depth analysis of your website, abandoned cart recovery options, and automated marketing solutions with support for selling your products on marketplaces. 

Disadvantages of Wix

Despite offering several advanced features, Wix has its own set of disadvantages. These include:

1. Pricing

Wix is not always the cheapest solution for building websites. Its paid plans start at around $125/month and offer only basic capabilities. Although Wix does offer a free plan, it only lets you build your website. You will have to upgrade to a paid plan if you want to sell your products or services with your website. So, if you are on a tight budget, you should check out other Wix competitors

2. Template Modifications

After you publish your official website for the first time, it's impossible to switch to a different template without losing your content. You can customize different elements for your existing template, but the problem is that it is not mobile-responsive. If you want to change your web page design template after publishing your website, you might have to recreate your content. 

3. Lesser Control

If you are a tech-savvy online retailer who wants greater control over your website, Wix may not be the best option for you. Through this eCommerce platform, you can primarily create a website from customizable templates or the Wix ADI tool. If you want to integrate advanced custom code, the platform may not offer robust infrastructure to accommodate your needs. 

4. Requires an Eye for Design

While Wix offers easy website creation with templates and AI tools, it can be easy to overdo it if you do not have much knowledge about designs. It may result in a slow-loading and cluttered website, which may not offer a customer-friendly experience. A poor user experience impacts your sales, as over 80% of consumers refuse to come back to a website if they have a bad experience with it. 

Best Wix Alternatives For Small Businesses

Wix may be an easy-to-use platform, but it’s not the only one on the market. There are several Wix alternatives that have unique features and focus on ease of use, thereby appealing to small businesses in all niches. These alternatives are also affordable and offer advanced features, like an SSL certificate, streamlined eCommerce operations, ease of setup, and advanced customization.

We analyzed the top 7 Wix competitors on the market to help you find the best solutions for all your business needs.

1. Neo 

Neo is an efficient email hosting platform that enables you to create a sleek single-page website. It provides a suite of integrated business tools, including custom domain connectivity and email marketing tools, to enhance customer engagement and productivity. The best part about leveraging Neo’s features is that you get a professional one-page website where you can add an email-integrated form to collect lead information and integration all your social media platforms free with all its plans. With this, you can enjoy a streamlined online presence and communication. Meanwhile, Neo’s advanced features include: 

  • In-built calendar to streamline your scheduling and enhance team collaborations. 
  • Neo Bookings allows clients and stakeholders to reserve appointments directly through your email. 
  • Design a simple one-page website with a drag-and-drop builder.
  • Mail-integrated forms and embedded social media links for easy contact management. 
  • Robust email marketing tools like contact segmentation with advanced encryption and anti-malware protection.

2. Shopify

Shopify is another Wix alternative for eCommerce store owners. The platform includes a powerful website builder with a drag-and-drop editor and over 100 mobile-responsive templates. Shopify also allows business owners or web developers to customize their sites to meet various needs, such as inventory management and in-built SEO optimization features. This platform is especially perfect for those looking to establish an online shop for their business. 

Its key features include:

  • Marketing automation with trigger-based customer engagement emails and lead nurturing
  • International payments to sell your products and services globally.
  • Fully functional and responsive mobile app for enhanced user experience.
  • Unlimited bandwidth for easy scalability as your customer base grows.
  • Point-of-sale (POS) is offered for syncing in-store sales with online sales.

3. Squarespace

Squarespace is another design-focused website builder that offers a drag-and-drop editor. The platform also specializes in providing customizable templates, integrated blogging tools, and a stock photo library for more multimedia integration options. Furthermore, Squarespace also offers a more structured design experience, which makes it an excellent option for those looking for Wix alternatives with minimal design experience.

Its key features include: 

  • 24/7 customer support for quick query resolution. 
  • Free custom domain for a consistent online presence. 
  • Drag-and-drop editor, which allows you to create your website easily. 
  • Email marketing tools and in-built optimization for enhanced organic traffic. 
  • Online logo maker for efficient business branding. 

4. WordPress

WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms in the world, with about 45% of all websites hosted on this platform as of 2023. It is a free and robust Content Management System (CMS). Although it does not provide integrated web hosting, users with advanced coding knowledge can benefit from its customization abilities. 

WordPress is also an open-source software, which means anybody can create a plugin or add-ons for additional features and elements and integrate it with the platform.

WordPress sites are not designed specifically for eCommerce. However, integrating appropriate plugins like WooCommerce can result in allowing even users with limited technical knowledge to achieve impressive functionality. 

Its key features include: 

  • Over 60,000 plugins and 10,000 themes.
  • Free and open-source software with eCommerce tools like WooCommerce Plugin.
  • Advanced paid plans with more dynamic hosting options and security. 
  • Easy creation and deployment of content with its powerful CMS solution. 
  • Easy website building tools as well as advanced options for those who need more customization options.

5. Weebly

Weebly is a platform that also supports building websites for small businesses and personal branding, making it one of the best Wix alternatives. It provides a drag-and-drop web builder with free integrated hosting. The platform has some higher-priced plans that also offer custom domain names furthermore, while all Weebly plans include eCommerce features, only the higher-tired plans allow users to remove ads or sell digital products after building the website. 

Its key features include:

  • Unlimited product listings and inventory management options. 
  • Automatic tax calculation and marketing tools like lead capture. 
  • In-built search engine optimization (SEO) tools and features.
  • Chat and email support on all plans, with phone support on higher-tiered plans.
  • Comprehensive support for eCommerce, such as control over digital goods purchase and download, faster checkout, and a secure shopping cart. 

6. Hostinger

The Hostinger web builder helps users create unique and creative websites using artificial design intelligence. The best part about this platform is that people with limited technical experience can leverage its features to build complex websites without any hassle, making it one of the best Wix alternatives. This offers several AI tools, including AI image editors, an AI writer, a blog title generator, a heatmap, and a terms and conditions generator.

However, Hostinger’s platform doesn’t allow users to change templates during the design process. The platform also limits the number of products that business owners can usually sell. 

Meanwhile, its key features include: 

  • 24/7 customer support for quick troubleshooting. 
  • Google Analytics tools to ensure your website is SEO-friendly.
  • AI tools for automation.
  • Free hosting with limited features and functionality.
  • Integrated CRM tools for easy operations in the same platform. 

7. GoDaddy


GoDaddy is typically known for its domain registration and website hosting services. However, this Wix alternative also provides an in-built drag-and-drop website builder. The platform offers a free plan and includes more than 100 website templates. Several e-commerce business owners can take advantage of GoDaddy’s Commerce plan. It also allows unlimited product listings and supports up to 1,000 marketplace and social media channel sales per month.

Godaddy offers lower-tiered plans that enable most users to accept payments and schedule appointments through the platform. This can make it a good choice for all kinds of online service providers.

Its key features include:  

  • Appointment scheduling system
  • GoDaddy payments hub
  • One year of free email with the website hosting plans. 
  • Website and marketing analytics dashboard.
  • Smart Terminal App Center will help you streamline your operations and PoS through app integration. 

Comparison Table & Our Review

Now that we know the names of all the best Wix alternatives, it is important to understand that each of these Wix competitors has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us compare all these platforms in the table below.

Provider Our Rating Our Review Key Features
Neo 4.7/5 stars Neo is a dynamic and scalable email hosting platform with an added free website-building functionality and custom domain support. Mail-integrated platform, in-build calendar, Neo bookings for scheduled meetings
Shopify 4.2/5 stars Providing a feature-rich online shop creation, Shopify is a one-stop platform for those looking for robust eCommerce solutions and automation options. Point-of-sale (POS), marketing automation, international payments
Squarespace 4.3/5 stars Squarespace is perfect for those who want to create comprehensive websites without any hassle. It also offers added features like custom domains and a logo-maker. Drag-and-drop editor, email marketing tools,
online logo maker
WordPress 4.5/5 stars One of the most popular website hosting platforms, WordPress offers basic and advanced features with high levels of control and customization to users of all backgrounds. Free and open source software, eCommerce tools
Weebly 4.1/5 stars Weebly is a great Wix alternative for those looking for personal branding and small online shop creation options. Unlimited product listings, inventory management, automatic tax calculation
Hostinger 4.0/5 stars With its one-year free add-ons, such as email and domain, Hostinger is an excellent option for website and WordPress hosting. It also allows easy operations management from a single platform and customer support. AI tools, free email hosting for a year, CRM tools
GoDaddy 4.4/5 stars GoDaddy offers more than just domain registration services. Its advanced Commerce plan gives users more control and integration options over their online shops. Customer support, payment hub, 1-year free email service

We have used a variety of metrics to rank each of the platforms and help you choose the best Wix alternatives. Our ratings are based on their features, scalability, ease of navigation, use cases, and ability to integrate with different platforms. 

Final Thoughts

After looking at the Wix alternatives, their features, and their benefits, you might already be clear about which tool you think will best suit your business. However, make sure to keep certain considerations in mind when choosing your respective builder. For instance, you must check the advanced features offered by the platform with its specific plans, as these features may be offered only with the expensive plans instead of the basic ones. 

However, experiment with Neo if you are still confused about your choices and want to try a platform without any charges. It is an efficient platform that offers you a website with all the advanced features you need to make a uniform online presence with your brand. 

Are you ready to create your online shop? Register with Neo today! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which is the best Wix alternative?

You can find several Wix competitors online that perform comparatively better. The best one for you depends on your particular needs and budget constraints. 

Q2. Which website is the best for small businesses?

Small businesses always look for a website that offers them extensive features at a relatively lower cost. This particular platform must offer the basic amenities to all businesses that have a lower budget and do not want to put much effort into building a website. For instance, Neo offers a business email along with a free one-page website for users, which is an excellent option for small businesses looking for efficient alternatives. 

Q3. What is the main challenge associated with Wix?

Wix has a dashboard that provides some basic analytics and traffic tracking. However, it does not dive in too deep or get too specific when analyzing business websites. It also does not offer affordable plans. Hence, you are better off using one of the Wix alternatives.

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