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June 12, 2024
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June 12, 2024
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Swati Bucha
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Are you searching for ways to create a .info email address for free? Your search ends here!  By getting a .info email, your credibility will improve, giving you a head start, especially if you are running a business or a blog.

It is an effective strategy to differentiate yourself and make your communication look much more professional. Using the convenient .info mail will make it easier to schedule and sort your communications. This article will explain how easy it is to create your own .info email address. So let's get started!

The Importance of Creating a .info Email Address

Creating a .info email address is a useful idea for anyone wanting to increase their internet visibility, whether for personal use, business, or official purposes. The suffix ".info" stands for information and is well known for giving the domain a sense of reliability and professionalism. Just like .org stands for organizations (mostly non-profit), .com stands for commercial, and others. 

A .info email address is prominent due to its connection with information and authoritative sources. Unlike conventional email extensions, the .info domain signals recipients that the information provided is accurate and useful.

1. Enhancing Credibility and Trust

Having a .info email address can do wonders for your credibility. It lends credibility and professionalism to your correspondence because it is typically linked to authoritative and informative websites.

This is especially significant for businesses, as it helps develop a relationship of trust with customers and partners. The .info email address indicates that you are committed to delivering relevant and useful information, which can help build credibility.

2. Easy to Remember

The domain .info email address is also easy to remember. In contrast, some of the other well-known TLDs do not have the same characteristics as .info is more noticeable and may even be remembered better by the recipients. 

This is especially helpful in marketing and other interactions with customers, where it is beneficial to be easily recognizable. An email address like ensures that customers can easily identify that your business is sending them emails. The term brings a feeling of purpose and direction and is easy to explain and comprehend.

3. Targeted Audience Engagement

A .info email address can significantly increase the effectiveness of targeting your audience. Notifying your viewers that your emails contain essential information will attract an audience interested in receiving such information. These benefits are precious for commercial and non-profit entities that disseminate educational content, updates, or industry information.

A .info email address is useful when growing a list of subscribers interested in your materials. It results in a higher open rate and better engagement. It enables you to create a group of involved and well-informed followers, leading to a strong rapport between your brand and your audience.

SEO and Branding Benefits

The .info email address may also offer SEO and branding benefits. Using the .info domain across your email and website helps search engines find and rank your content more efficiently. 

This domain consistency ensures that you have a better online presence. Search engines can easily associate your emails with your website, which may help increase your search engine ranking. 

By integrating a .info email, you are helping the SEO develop a strong image of yours online, which will improve your rankings and, in turn, increase the flow of organic traffic to your website.

Simple Steps to Create Your Free .info Email Address

Getting a free .info email address is not complicated, and using it in personal or business communication is very helpful. If you want to increase your authority, improve correspondence efficiency, or create a new, special address, a .info domain can be an excellent choice.

Following these simple steps, you can create a .info free email address, improving your company's web profile and organizational correspondence. Below are the easy steps to follow to get your desired info email address without any cost:

Step 1: Choose a Free Domain Provider

First, you should choose a provider that offers .info domain registration. Many reliable domain registrars on the Internet offer free domain services for a limited time, and then you will have to pay for the renewal fees. 

Step 2: Register Your .info Domain

If you have found a .info domain for your business, you must complete the registration process on the provider’s website. This usually involves registration, which entails creating a profile and filling in details about yourself. 

Please be cautious about the information you provide in the registration form, particularly your email address, as you might be asked to confirm the registration through your email.

Step 3: Choose an Email Hosting Service

After registering your .info domain, you will need an email hosting service that will assist you in creating your email address. Numerous providers, such as Neo, offer affordable email hosting for custom domains. Start by creating an account with your chosen email hosting service provider.

Step 4: Configure Domain Settings

Next, update your domain's DNS settings to work with your chosen email hosting service. This often entails entering your domain provider's control panel and adding MX records provided by the email hosting provider. This step is crucial to ensure that emails sent to your info email address are properly directed to your hosting provider.

Step 5: Create Your .info Email Address

With your domain and hosting in place, you can now create your .info email address. Go to your chosen email hosting service, access the management panel, find the option to create a new email address, and input your preferred address, such as

Step 6: Verify and Start Using

Lastly, check your newly added .info email address by sending a test info email to verify its readiness. After that, you can immediately use your newly acquired .info permanent official email address to handle all your communication needs.

Reasons to Choose Neo to Create Your Own .info Email Address

Neo is a business email hosting service provider for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Being aware of the significance of the rapid and safe exchange of information, Neo successfully integrates simplicity with advanced features in email provision. 

Selecting Neo to host your .info email address not only gives you an efficient email client but also gives you resources to help build your business presence online. Here are the key features Neo offers:

1. Efficiency with Versatility in Storage

Neo’s strategy is to enhance effectiveness in the numerous organizational processes. Here’s how: 

  • Large Storage Capacity: Each inbox can hold up to 100 GB, allowing for an adequate amount of emails and the attachments that come with it.
  • Integrated Calendar: Take control of your mail and appointments in one place and experience efficiency like never before.

2. Offers a Growth Suite

Neo has an array of growth solutions for small and growing firms in the market: 

  • One-Page Website Feature: Conveniently use the service to launch a simple yet professional one-page website to start your online presence.
  • Neo Bookings: Streamline the calendar and avoid scheduling conflicts with ease.
  • Email Campaigns: Start and control your email marketing campaigns with the help of templates that can be personalized.
  • Signature Designers: Promote the organization’s brand by crafting professional e-mail signatures.

3. Unique Features Enhancing User Experience

Neo introduces innovative features designed to elevate the user experience and streamline email management:

  • Business Email with Custom Domain: Neo's most outstanding feature is providing a custom domain that enhances the appearance of business emails. Users can create an email address associated with their domain name. Even if you have a domain name, you still create your business email account with Neo. 
  • Integration of Gen AI: Smart Write, an AI writing tool integrated into the Neo package, allows users to compose emails by automatically generating drafts and adapting them to their preferred format and language.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Neo offers powerful analytical and reporting functions that help users evaluate the efficiency of emailing campaigns, using features like email tracking and read receipt functionality.
  • Priority Inbox and Robust Security: The main tab ensures the necessary emails are easily accessible, while security measures such as end-to-end encrypted messages, two-factor authentication, and an inbuilt antivirus help safeguard the sender's and the receiver’s messages and data, respectively.

Steps to Create a .info Email Address with Neo (Without Existing Domain)

Here's how you can get started and create a .info email address with Neo:

Step 1: Visit the Neo Website and Click on Get Started. 

Once you click on Get Started, and you will directed to purchase a domain name. 

Step 2: Choose "I Need a New Domain Name"

In the setup wizard, select the "I need a new domain name" option if you don’t have a domain name. This will help you create your own domain name using Neo's free email extension, Click the "Get a new domain" button to register.

Step 3: Create Your .info Domain Name

Next, enter your desired domain name and check its availability. You will need to create your .info email domain in the following format: Review the prices and renewal rates, then click on the Get Domain button to proceed.

Step 4: Create Your Customer Account

Once your .info domain registration information is confirmed, you will be directed to the page where you can create your customer account with Neo. With this account, you get a limited period free trial on Neo and an opportunity to explore most of the tool's functions, such as creating a one-page site based on templates.

Step 5: Explore and Scale Up Your Services

Now, you will be directed to set up your business email inbox, where you can add users and create email aliases. Then, complete the payment details, and you are ready to use your .info email address. Besides, you don’t have to worry about payment. It is easy to cancel the subscription within the trial period. 

Having created your customer account, you can now navigate through Neo's interface within the trial pack. You can modify the settings of your one-page website to suit your brand's image and your individual preferences.

If you have benefited from Neo's platform and services, you can upgrade to the paid version, which is quite affordable. These plans unlock extra features such as Smart Write, an AI writing tool necessary for composing emails and quickly initiating advertising email campaigns.

Create Your Free .info Email Address with Neo (With Existing Domain)

If you have already purchased your .info email domain from an independent domain registrar, then here is how you can set up your Neo business email account: 

Step 1. Visit the Neo website and click on Get Started. 

Step 2. Click on I already own a domain name.

Step 3. Now, enter your existing domain name:

Step 4. Fill in the information to step up your account with Neo. 

Step 5. Create your first business email account inbox, and then choose your plan and complete the payment details. 

Step 6. Your account has been created. Now, follow the steps to establish domain ownership. 

Wrapping up, 

Having a .info email address can be very beneficial in terms of increasing your reliability and communication flexibility. Moreover, it is always advantageous to use a good business email service provider like Neo that offers extra features and security for a better emailing experience. 

As an advanced and versatile web-based software, Neo enables you to take full control of your interactions and enhance your web presence. Here is a chance to take your company to the next level and improve communication with your audience using a .info email address with Neo!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a .info email address unique?

A .info email address is quite meaningful, as it is associated with information and authoritative communications. Unlike standard email domains such as,, or, a domain informs recipients that your communications are informative and credible. This uniqueness makes it an ideal platform for businesses, educators, bloggers, and any individual who wishes to enhance their online credibility and presence.

2. Can I Use a .info Email Address with Third-Party Email Clients?

Yes, you can use a .info email address with the most popular third-party email clients, including Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail. Simply configure your .info email account settings within the email client using the provided IMAP or POP3 details for unified communication across different devices.

3. Can I Use a .info Email Address for Personal Use?

Absolutely! .info email addresses can be used by companies and individuals, which means that they are quite appropriate for personal use as well. Whether you are job hunting, trying to make new connections, or just stating your interests, a .info email address enhances the tone of your private messages, making you easily recognizable in an endless sea of similar personalities.

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